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Welsh Phrases for Learners


Casgliad yn nhrefn yr wyddor o dermau, ymadroddion ac idiomau Saesneg-Cymraeg a Chymraeg-Saesneg ar gyfer dysgwyr y Gymraeg. Adargraffiad; cyhoeddwyd gyntaf yn 1997.

This is a straightforward, unpretentious book listing phrases picked up by the author while he was learning Welsh by following Wlpan courses. The first half of the book is a list of English phrases, sayings and everyday words with the Welsh translations alongside and the second half gives similar word groups in Welsh side by side with the English translations.

It is helpful that the lists include such grammatically difficult everyday sayings as ‘if not’ (oni; os na) and ‘likely to’ (yn debyg o) and on the Welsh side ‘Petaech’ (if you were) and ‘sgen ti?’ (have you) and not just proverbs and idioms.

There are quite a few books of Welsh phrases available. For Welsh learners, this one has the advantage of having been collected by a beginner, from scratch, who has eagerly noted the kind of subtleties that can trip up new learners.

Adolygiad o

 Awdur: Eric Jones

Iaith: Dysgwyr

Clawr: Meddal

Tudalennau: 176

Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: Awst 2015