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Llwy Garu Cadwyn | Lovespoon

Gwerthu allan | Sold out

Cadwyn's range of Welsh lovespoons are hand carved in the south Wales valleys by a team of carvers, led by Paul Curtis. Paul discovered his love and talent for woodcarving when he was very young, and was taught the craft of Love Spoon carving by Gwyndaf Breeze, who is regarded as the greatest authority on the tradition of carving Welsh Love Spoons in Wales today. According to Gwyndaf, although the tradition of carving lovespoons is not unique to Wales, the quality of those produced here is among the best in the world, and the development of the spoon from a common kitchen utensil to the intricately carved design is an uniquely Welsh phenomenon.

Size 20cm x 6cm

Maint: 20cm x 6cm