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Sebon Moethus - Luxury Soap Set | Myddfai


Four luxury glycerine soaps, individually boxed and tied with a Myddfai ribbon.

The set contains 4 Welsh named products:

Bore Da (Good Morning)

Ymlacio (Relax)

Glan (Cleanse)

Cariad (Love)

Approximate weight 4 x 85g,  Dimensions 6cm x6cm

Bore Da (Good Morning).  A Luxury yellow soap with essential oils Distilled Grapefruit, Peppermint and May Chang. Perfect to fire you up in the morning.

Glân(Cleansing). A luxury green soap with essential oils May Chang, Tea Tree and Juniper. The top of the soap has a fine layer of pumice to aid cleansing. Ideal cleanser after a hard day in the garden.

Ymlacio (Relax). A luxury blue soap with essential oils Lavender, Orange and Bergamot. Wash away a hard day at the office.

Cariad (Love). A Luxury pink soap with essential oil Ylang Ylang, Orange and Lemon. Bring out your sensual side.

Approximate weight 85g each